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Descripción del producto

Fastbuds - Girl Scout Cookies Auto Seeds

  • Like a sweet cookie.
  • Buds covered in resin, like the glaze on a cookie.
  • An easy-to-grow strain that will be fully mature in 70 days.
  • Intense cerebral high accompanied by a pleasant body buzz.
  • 20% THC, extra-large yield, and that fantastic and coveted cookie flavor.
It's very easy to grow indoors or outdoors and produces dense and shiny buds. This is a high-yielding sticky resin machine. Delicious in extractions or joints alike, this slightly Indica-leaning hybrid will give smokers a beautiful mix of cerebral buzz and body relaxation.

Bud Description

Showing different shades of green, these buds are a complex mix of dark and light green, with spots of lighter colors in between. This stylish color mismatch is completed with dense splashes of crystals and orange pistils, giving these cookies a very appealing look.


A complex mix of earthy Kush flavors, combined with subtle mentholated notes and fruity undertones, makes the overall flavor quite sweet and cookie-like.


A pleasant body glow, combined with an intense cerebral high. What starts as an intense cerebral sensation, giggles, and euphoria quickly transforms into a body sensation, leaving you glued to the couch with relaxed muscles.

Plant Appearance

Thin leaves, the plant will grow in sugar leaf levels, bud formations, and more sugar leaves, leaving room for compact tail growth on top, and with good internodal space between each bud formation. Toward the last weeks, the leaves, as well as the buds, will be densely covered with crystals, giving the plant a delicious frosty touch. This plant can reach around 60-100 cm in height and should fully mature around week 10.

Growing Tips

Experienced growers can definitely try some LST with this variety, thanks to its good internodal space, allowing for better light penetration. An easy plant overall, we still strongly recommend checking the pH levels in the water, ensuring it stays around 6.5 to avoid damaging or delaying plant growth. Growers will see bulky growth in the last weeks of maturation.

Fastbuds Girl Scout Cookies Strain Specifications

Taste Cookie, Earthy, Sweet, Pine
 THC Up to 20%
 CBD < 1%
 Harvest EU Indoor 450 – 600 gr/m2
 Harvest US Indoor 1.5 – 2 oz/ft2
 Harvest EU Outdoor 50 – 250 gr/plant
 Harvest US Outdoor 2 – 9 oz/plant
 Size XL
 Height 60 – 100 cm
 Height US 24 – 39 inches
 Flowering 9 – 10 weeks
 Room Indoor/Outdoor
 Gender Feminized
 Genes Sativa 40%/Indica 60%
 Genetics Girl Scout Cookies Auto
 Autoflowering Yes
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