New York Diesel




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New York Diesel

The new York diesel variety is one of those strains that can be recognized directly by its aroma, but don’t worry, its aroma is not stale if that is what you are imagining by its name, on the contrary, this CBD marijuana bud has a penetrating aroma reminiscent of Diesel but in a good way.


With a CBD percentage of 16%, this CBD cannabis strain will help us to relax but at the same time will keep us focused in case we need to do important daily activities such as work or sports.


As its name suggests, this variety was born in the Big Apple, around the year 2013, most likely through a genetic called East Coast Sour Diesel, which by then was well known in New York City.

The birth of the new York Diesel probably occurred between the crossing of the female Sour Diesel with a Hawaiian Afghani stallion in order to obtain seeds with this genetics.

The genetics resulting from this cross was a success, as its flavor was similar to that of her mother Sour Diesel but with more Indica load and improved stability, since the release of the New York Diesel this was a success both in sales and awards won.


The buds of this variety are well defined with a slightly pyramidal appearance and shades ranging from brown to golden with a few shades of dull green.


The smell of this variety can be penetrating, but in a good way, its terpenes resemble the smell of Diesel, hence its name, but do not let this fool you because it has a sweet, citrus and intense notes reminiscent of tangerine or grapefruit.

What are you waiting for? Refill the tank with New York Diesel CBD and come out triumphant of those busy days that seem to never end.