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Composed of up to 25% CBD the Caramel Rif Hashish comes from the resin that is compacted as a result of the extraction of hemp and high quality herbs, this cannabis has an earthy but malleable texture, with sweet and firm terpenes. Because of its high CBD composition you can consume it for enjoyment and relaxation purposes.

Caramel Rif Hashish Characteristics

The Caramel Rif Hashish is obtained through buds full of resinous and fragrant trichomes that is why its caramel aroma is so haunting. This hemp is organically grown, its caramelized aroma is a real invitation to an astral trip plus its lingering CBD compound promotes muscle pain relief and will even allow you to fall asleep.


It presents high sweet notes and delicious characteristics of caramel and sugar all this adds an olfactory pleasure and dessert-like flavors that will linger in your mouth.


The appearance of this hashish is smooth and sticky, both on the outside and inside its creamy and moldable structure prevails. In addition, it has such an attractive color that it will remind you of a piece of candy.

Effects of the Hash Caramel Rif

Its effects are very effective in cases of stress, anxiety and sleep disorders, so it can be used for therapeutic purposes. If you want to disconnect from the routine for a while and relax, there is no doubt that with the Caramel Rif Hash you will be able to do it sweetly.

How to use the Caramel Rif Hashish

There are several ways to enjoy this astral candy and may well be through vaporizers, opting for a heating temperature of about 170 degrees, also being soluble in fat can be used in herbal teas or herbal teas. Being malleable, you can perfectly take a piece of your hashish and mold it into a very thin stick, then roll it in a joint with tobacco or with grinded buds.