Dry sift hashish – Amsterdam Blonde



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Dry sift – 18% CBD

This CBD hashish comes with a Dry sift form, this is obtained by a process in which the trichomes are separated manually from the bud obtained from the industrial hemp plant, in this process a fine mesh is used to remove the resin glands and then the extract obtained is refined to obtain the appearance of a very fine grain, the process to obtain the dry sift is very laborious and is highly valued as it must be done well to obtain a quality product.


With 18% of cannabidiol the dry sift hash is one of the CBD solids with more percentage of cannabinoids, this product gives you all the benefits and properties of CBD, so if you suffer from muscle pain, anxiety, pain caused by arthritis or insomnia we recommend you to buy dry sift hashish.


This CBD hash is of an incredible quality, its color is golden sandy and dark, with a texture that is crumbly but hard to the touch. Our presentation comes in 1 gram of hashish.


The aromas that has this hashish are out of this world, because it has high quality trichomes which have an intense smell, its fruity and sweet aromas will give your body the happiness it needs.