Glue Gelato Auto



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Barney’s Farm – Glue Gelato Auto

Glue Gelato Auto will swiftly send you to a sublime and tranquil state. Let her unleash her hypnotic magic on you as celestial sensations wash over your body, all your worries disappear, and a calm, settled mindset takes over. You can rely on Glue Gelato to uplift your mood. It’s incredibly easy to take her from seed to bud-packed plant in just 70 days.

With a flowering time of 65-70 days, Glue Gelato Auto can reach an indoor height of 90-120cm and an outdoor height of up to 90-120cm. This 60% Indica and 40% Sativa strain can yield up to 500-600 gr/m² indoors and up to 500-600g per plant outdoors.

Terpenes and Flavours

Glue Gelato Auto boasts intense notes of rich chocolate and a delicious fruity bouquet of sweet berries. It has a fruity and earthy aroma with sweet citrus notes that will have you coming back for more.


Glue Gelato Auto provides happiness, relaxation, tranquillity, and euphoria, perfect for those seeking a balanced and uplifting experience.

Glue Gelato Auto Strain Specifications

  •  Feminised
  •  Gorilla Glue x Gelato x BF Super Auto #1
  •  Autoflowering
  •  40%
  •  60%
  •  65 – 70 days
  •  90-120cm
  •  up to 500-600 gr/m²
  •  up to 90-120cm
  •  up to 500-600
  •  Hints of Rich Chocolate, Spicy Fruity Flavor, Sweet Berries
  •  Fruity, Sweet Earthy Citrus
  •  Happy, Relaxed, Uplifted, Calming, Euphoric

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