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Fastbuds – Rhino Ryder Auto Seeds

The best for extractions. First-class resin that will leave you licking your lips and wanting more. Extremely potent. With 20% THC and 1.2% CBD, expect an overwhelming effect that will deeply relax you. Resistant as a rhinoceros. An ideal variety for those who suffer from harsh climates. Golf ball-sized buds. Extremely fat and pointed buds that resemble a rhinoceros horn. Exceptional flavors. Tasty and earthy terpenes, spicy and pear with hints of cinnamon.

One of the best strains to work with when it comes to making hash, extractions or rosin. It’s one of the easiest strains to grow and yields great results in just 9 weeks. This hybrid expresses both indica and sativa heritage, but remains shorter than most strains, making it an excellent choice for growers with limited height. Its flavors are old-school, with a touch of slightly spicy cinnamon and pear, producing some of the best-tasting hash.

Bud Description

Large, resinous buds that resemble ivory. The flowers are known to have a rhinoceros horn shape. Thick and dense flowers with an impressive appearance, with a wonderful cinnamon and fresh pear aroma.


The terpenes are earthy, with a touch of pepper and cinnamon with fruity pear undertones that transcend into a smooth floral flavour. A very smooth and pleasant flavour that will have you lying on the couch licking your lips, wanting more and more.


Its name is a clue to how powerful it is and what to expect from it. Thanks to its THC levels of 20% and 1.2% CBD, this medical wonder plant is excellent for relaxing the body, causing blurry and heavy eyes, and the feeling of wanting to lay down and get the necessary sleep. A very physical effect that can be difficult to shake off, so be careful before this beast attacks you at full speed. Recommended for medical patients and those with a very high tolerance for the strongest indica.

Plant Appearance

It will grow short with a short internodal spacing, with short and fat fan leaves. The height will range from 60-100 cm once fully flowered, and during this time, it will produce a large amount of golf ball-sized flowers. Thanks to its indica influence, the plants will adopt a dense Christmas tree structure that will surround lower plants with lateral branches and dense foliage. It’s perfect for staying low, and those with concerns about head height. Its main stem will be thick and extremely resistant to wind, due to its low and dense structure. It will begin to turn white with an intense accumulation of trichomes and will produce rails of resin on all fan leaves and surrounding plant material.

Growing Tips

Rhino Ryder Auto can be grown in cold and humid climates and finish with hard, frosted buds. A very resilient hybrid that is ideal for anyone experiencing challenging climates.

It can be grown without worrying about powdery mildew or mold. Once flowering begins, we recommend feeding it with a strong nutrient solution to help it on its way to massive yields. Thanks to a fast flowering time, it can be planted outdoors with excellent results all year round in sunny climates. Planting and making a Sea Of Green (S.O.G.) will allow you to maximize yields, as this autoflowering hybrid becomes extremely uniform.

Fastbuds Rhino Ryder Auto Strain Specifications

Taste Cinnamon, Earthy, Fruits, Peppery
 THC Up to 20%
 CBD Up to 1.2%
 Harvest EU Indoor 400 – 500 gr/m2
 Harvest US Indoor 1.3 – 1.6 oz/ft2
 Harvest EU Outdoor 50 – 250 gr/plant
 Harvest US Outdoor 2 – 9 oz/plant
 Size XL
 Height 60 – 110 cm
 Height US 24 – 43 inches
 Flowering 9 – 10 weeks
 Room Indoor/Outdoor
 Gender Feminized
 Genes Sativa 40%/Indica 60%
 Genetics Rhino Ryder auto
 Autoflowering Yes
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